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*** FREE *** Healing Butterfly Sample Pack


Order the Healing Butterfly 3-Stick Sampler for FREE!

  • Each Healing Butterfly matcha blend starts with 100% organic Japanese matcha green tea powder from a family farm.
  • Each Healing Butterfly turmeric blend starts with 100% organic turmeric from India.
  • Boosts your health.
  • A great addition to your daily smoothie.
  • A healthy part of any Keto, Paleo, and Weight Watchers diet regimen.
  • A delicious alternative to coffee, black tea, and herbal tea.
SKU: 3SamplePack Category:

2 reviews for *** FREE *** Healing Butterfly Sample Pack

  1. Michelle

    My sample packet from @healingbutterfly arrived before my actual order, but that’s okay!! You guys know me. I AM OBSESSED WITH MATCHA. So, I saw they made flavored matcha and I was like “WHAAAATTTTT I NEED IT.”
    I tried the vanilla first in hot water (I’m gonna try the chocolate in milk), and let me tell you. I opened the package and it smelled DIVINE. AND THE TASTE. I normally put a little sugar substitute in my plain matcha/teas, but this needs NOTHING. IT IS PERFECT. I’m in love. And I don’t even typically like vanilla. I cannot wait for my order to arrive. And 0 points. Yessss.


    I had tasted matcha before but never liked it much until I tried Healing Butterfly. The natural flavors blend so perfectly with matcha. It’s become my go-to afternoon energizer, so easy to mix up and drink, hot or cold!

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