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Earl Grey Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – 25-serving Pouch


Earl Grey tea rises to a new level of sophistication!

  • This tea was the silver medal winner in the 2017 Global Tea Championship.
  • Our matcha contains antioxidants and the amino acid L-Theanine.
  • Subtle undertones of citrus from Bergamot add a delightful element of sweetness.
  • It is perfect to add to your baked goods for an additional layer of flavor.

If you have enjoyed drinking traditional Earl Grey tea, then you have to try our Earl Grey match! Natural Bergamot flavor will provide the citrus flavors that you have come to expect from your cup of tea, but the matcha delivers a powerful healthy punch of nutrient-dense ingredients. Just like traditional Earl Grey tea, this can be served hot or cold, and you can even add it to your breakfast smoothies or shakes. Order yours today!

SKU: EGMatcha-25ServePouch Category:


100% Vegan and Kosher
47.63g / 1.68oz (25 Servings). Organic Premium Grade Japanese Matcha. Grown and Processed at an Organic Family Farm in Japan. SILVER MEDAL WINNER in the 2017 Global Tea Championship.

Our Earl Grey Matcha is Fresh and Nutrient Dense, with a Hint of Citrusy Bergamot and Sweetness. It is Great as is (Hot or Cold), and can also be Added to Smoothies, Shakes, and Baked Goods. It is the Perfect Alternative to Coffee, Black Tea, and Herbal Tea.

Antioxidants and the amino acid L-Theanine are found naturally in each serving of Healing Butterfly Matcha.

Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, Coconut Water, Natural Bergamot Flavor, Oolong Tea. CONTAINS: Tree Nut (Coconut).


  • 100% kosher and vegan
  • 25-serving pouch
  • Add to smoothies or shakes
  • Keto- and Paleo- friendly
  • Serve hot or cold

3 reviews for Earl Grey Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – 25-serving Pouch

  1. Val

    I wasn’t sure at first how the combination of matcha and earl grey would be, but I was blown away by how delicious this was! I made it with hot water and added a splash of milk. It was heavenly!

  2. Thomas — Wales, UK

    just received my first shipment of earl grey matcha. it is so tasty!

  3. Melissa

    love this earl grey matcha. tastes so delicious!

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