On August 21, 2017 Maggie Michalczyk posted a wonderful article detailing our Pumpkin Spice Matcha.  She loves all things pumpkin, and we were excited to get her favorable reaction.  She enjoyed the taste of our matcha.  As she notes, she is not a die-hard matcha lover, and she still needs her morning coffee, but Healing Butterfly’s Pumpkin Spice Matcha will be added to her daily afternoon routine.

Maggie is a registered dietician with a passion for all things pumpkin.  You can see her full blog post by clicking here: https://www.onceuponapumpkinrd.com/2017/08/21/move-over-psl-pumpkin-spice-matcha-is-here/

And you can order your own Healing Butterfly® Pumpkin Spice Matcha by clicking here.