On January 21, 2019, the video news segment below was aired on Orlando’s CBS affiliate. In this video, Healing Butterfly® founder and  CEO, Jackie Hirsch, spoke with CBS Orlando morning anchor Kirstin O’Connor  about the struggles Jackie dealt with in recovering from 5 miscarriages and a major emergency surgery over a 6 year period.


Jackie sits down with Kirstin O'Connor to discuss miscarriage and returning to health

Healing Butterfly CEO Jackie Hirsch discussed with Orlando CBS new anchor Kirstin O’Connor how Healing Butterfly was the path back to health after multiple unsuccessful pregnancies.

Jackie started drinking matcha around the time of her 5th miscarriage, to help her heal and get back to feeling normal.  As time progressed, Jackie’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health did improve, and that is when she decided to create Healing Butterfly®, with a focus on combining superfoods into great-tasting and good-for-you beverage powders.

Healing Butterfly® was named by her daughter and is meant to be a comfort to anyone suffering from miscarriage, child loss, or any other health challenge.

As Jackie says, “I’m not saying time heals all wounds, but you will see the gift in this tragedy, and you will take that gift and you will do something to help others and make the world a better place.”