The Spring 2020 edition of Edible Orlando has been published, and author John Graham did a feature on Florida’s home-grown superfood, the water lentil, and Aqua Sprout®, a single-ingredient water-lentil based vegan protein powder and the newest product in the Healing Butterfly® line.

Healing Butterfly® CEO Jackie Hirsch sat down with John to discuss protein powders in general, some problems Jackie sees with the other protein powders on the market, and why Jackie was so passionate about creating a single-ingredient vegan protein powder that is a functional building block for the nutrition and well-being of the body.

With nothing artificial, no preservatives, chemical derived ingredients, nor fillers, Jackie and Healing Butterfly® promote Aqua Sprout® (and Healing Butterfly’s matcha and turmeric blends) as doing better for for yourself, by giving your body nutritious and functional foods.

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