Everyone has setbacks in their life. Some are small, and some are big.  But coming back and rebounding from those setbacks can be a struggle. Healing Butterfly® founder and CEO, Jackie Hirsch, was live at the Orlando CBS affiliate news studio on Tuesday January 22, 2019 to discuss the struggles she and her husband had to face with miscarriages and emergency surgeries, and how that led her to creating Healing Butterfly®. She spoke on the set live with Julie Broughton, Candace CamposBridgett Ellison, and Kirstin O’Connor. The video below shows the full interview.

Jackie on Orlando CBS morning news to discuss recovering from setbacks in life.

Jackie on with the morning news crew at the Orlando CBS studio.

Recovering from a setback can be difficult.  Jackie’s goal with Healing Butterfly® was to develop superfood beverage powder blends that give people the extra nutrition to help them come back.