How Healing Butterfly® Took Flight.

Healing Butterfly® was born from the belief that even the most painful losses can bring the hope of new beginnings. It’s a belief I’ve come to embrace in a very personal way.

All my life, I dreamed of motherhood. After struggling to conceive, my husband and I had our daughter, Malena. We hoped to keep growing our family, but then came five miscarriages. I felt like a shadow of myself.

Outwardly, I led a successful life as a business owner. But grief had left me emotionally and physically depleted. Despite my circumstances, I was determined to be the best wife and mom I could, but I needed a lift of energy to become that woman again.

At just the right time, I discovered matcha tea. I loved that it didn’t need brewing — I could just stir a spoonful right into water. It gave me calm, focused energy and lifted my mood. I started laughing and feeling like myself again.

I experienced, first hand, the difference that super foods can make.  But I wanted to make the experience even more special and delicious.

I convinced the smartest guy I know, my husband, to embark on this journey with me. Together, we introduced new matcha flavors, amazing turmeric options, and a game-changing single ingredient protein powder made from water lentils that is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. People started relying on us for the their journeys of healing.

Our daughter, Malena, came up with the name Healing Butterfly® when we were playing at the park. This name is a symbol of love, health, and hope for the future. We feel grateful for all our blessings – and the chance to share them with you.

Once you heal, you can soar.