Much has been said about the benefits of matcha green tea. If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should try it, then read our article to learn about five of the health benefits that you can reap from drinking matcha green tea. If you still have questions when you’re done reading, then contact us at Healing Butterfly® and enjoy free shipping in the U.S. when you place an order over $34.

High in Antioxidants

As you probably know, antioxidants are substances that can protect the cells in your body against the effects of free radicals, which are molecules that are produced when your body breaks down food. Essentially, antioxidants stabilize these harmful compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic diseases. Add matcha green tea powder to hot water and you will be able to consume more antioxidants than you can by simply steeping green tea leaves in hot water. The reason for this is that the matcha powder has all the nutrients from the entire leaf. Boost your health with a cup of matcha green tea today!

Enhances Calm

Matcha green tea has been used to assist with the ability to feel energized and focused while remaining calm. The powder contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which is what helps promote the brain waves that boost relaxation, without the brain waves that cause drowsiness. Sometimes referred to as a calm, awake sensation, matcha green tea is the perfect solution for helping you to feel alert without the annoying jitters that come from too much caffeine.

Boosts brain function – memory and concentration

Some people are able to have laser focus and perfect recall without any assistance whatsoever. However, for most of us, a little assistance is greatly appreciated. Matcha green tea has been shown to help with improving attention, reaction time, and memory. Another benefit from the consumption of the amino acid L-Theanine is that it produces dopamine and serotonin. These two naturally occurring chemicals help with enhancing our moods, as well as improving memory and promoting better concentration.


Matcha tea contains catechins that are essentially a specific set of organic compounds that are considered to be the most potent and beneficial of antioxidants. They have been shown to help with counteracting the damage done from the free radicals in our daily environments, such as UV rays and pollution. They are also considered to have cancer-fighting properties. If you’re looking for ways to help boost your health, then you should consider adding matcha green tea to your diet. 

Increases energy levels and endurance

Unlike the energy drinks that are available on the market, matcha green tea can help boost your energy levels and increase your endurance without adding all the harmful chemicals to your body that are contained in those shiny cans. All green tea naturally contains caffeine, but as we’ve said a couple of times, the amino acid L-Theanine contains the ability to boost the alpha brain waves that produce relaxation, while inhibiting the delta brain waves which cause those jittery feelings from too much caffeine.

Matcha green tea provides many health benefits and we have discussed just a few. At Healing Butterfly®, we know you care about what you put into your body, and we are happy to provide you with quality matcha products that will help you to wake up in a gradual, normal manner with only natural ingredients. Boost your energy without all the harmful chemicals – drink matcha green tea! Get free shipping in the U.S. on any order over $34.00 and enjoy the health benefits from matcha green tea.